ACE is a unique proposition that focuses on integrating sports as part of the school daily curriculum through its sports vertical and through its education vertical, ACE becomes a value partner for management and school leadership teams enhancing teaching-learning strategies for teachers, students and parents.

Focused on research & development, and making content relevant be it through sports integration or education, the team uses 21stcentury teaching-learning effectively.

Under Sports, there are 3 principle formats - In school sports curriculum as a weekly schedule, after-school hours advanced coaching and also a specialised division of students that takes on a specialisation in sports with a modified curriculum that works with their practice schedule and training.

Meanwhile, ACE’s Educational vertical caters to the needs of owners and promoters in the k-12 space from consultancy of green field schools (national or international boards) to teacher skilling, curriculum design, school audits and parenting workshops.

At ACE, the focus remains on the well-defined scope and sequence, pre-assessments and regular performance checks, combination of online and on ground training and certified and trained coaches for sports, and with the education verticals its scheme of work, timely strategies, SOPs that make the difference. Moreover, as parents of a middle-schooler, our founders recognise that with a vastly evolving world, children need key skills sets thus making it a more relevant and unique proposition for school managements.

Using techniques that are child centric, bringing in guest speakers, exposure to different formats of the game and also allowing children to ``enjoy`` the sport as opposed to making it a task is what makes ACE a bit different and as educators, it is our responsibility to create foundations for students to forever remain lifelong learners and happy students.

“ACE is simply not about the sport alone, it is about exposing children to a world of opportunities.”

Developing, Nurturing & Empowering young minds with life skills through sports and learning programs.
As 22nd century edusporteneurs, our endeavour is to bring a variety of ‘real life’ experiences to school children through in-school teaching-learning strategies and in-school sports curriculum creating life-ready citizens by focusing on core life skills and values. Adaptation and coping with a changing world with confidence is a key thrust area, while making students accountable for their learning by powering them with strategies and experiences that are truly world class.
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