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What’s Our Game Plan?

What’s Our Game Plan?

Over the past few days, I have been in conversation with senior industry leaders (not only from the education space), and parents (not by design actually) and whether it was pre-planned or happened by chance, different perspectives shared were interesting. While I share them with this blog, I hope it gives us in the education […]

Everything ain't perfect!

Everything ain’t perfect!

Parenting comes with its own set of trials and tribulations, and the pandemic appears to have brought out the ‘worst-case’scenarios for some in terms of their relationships with their children, and for many, they have emerged stronger. Often when the variables around change – could be emotional, physical and in many cases financial, the behaviours […]

Decisive Weeks Ahead for K-12?

Decisive Weeks Ahead for K-12?

Was an interesting question raised by a fellow educator in a webinar on Saturday about school opening in India and why as a country, we ‘restricted’ the urge to open with the ‘start-again’ procedures post lockdown when the rest of the world seemed to operationalise much earlier. By August/September many schools world over were open […]

Balancing Physical World & Online

Year of Opportunities

The last 3 days have reported that in many cities world-over, and many states in India school closure after re-opening is inevitable, or continued school closure for the year (depending on which part of the world or country you reside in), although pre-Diwali in India, there was hope that the High schoolers (Grades 9 to […]

Should We or Should We Not?

Should We or Should We Not?

We’ve heard from the Ministry of Home Affairs clearing the path to commence K-12 in the physical world post October 15th, 2020 and with that single announcement created a flutter given that different States would use their discretion and understanding of their numbers or cases, medical capabilities to decide if and when they would create […]