Agarkar Centre of Excellence (ACE) is Ajit Agarkar’s cricket initiative, empowering young minds to pursue their passion for the sport, inculcate the right attitude to training and fitness, develop, nurture and hone appropriate skills and also condition the mind to embrace the challenges and opportunities that the sport itself presents as children begin to compete and the format intensifies.

ACE combines both skill development, mental conditioning, fitness, rehab as well as health and nutrition as part of its vision for every child.

ACE focuses on life skills as a key component of development be it team work, discipline, time management, decision making, or conflict resolution. Communication and expression are a natural learning outcome, as well as building confidence and being independent.



Pre assessments and regular performance checks to track the progress of the child and customise strategies

Well defined scope and sequence for Early Years, Primary Years, Middle and High Schools

Gaming simulations both on and off line.

Certified and trained coaches.

Combination of on line and on ground training

Theory component.

Fitness, Skill development, Life Skills, Rehab strategies, Mental conditioning access and Health and Nutrition recommendations.

Guest Speakers.

Match practice.

Certification basis of the levels achieved.

Masterclass and his personal Interaction with the students.

Enrolment in tournaments in the city or outstation (optional).

Passion Behind Ace

A firm believer that every child can be nurtured to develop skills, ACE under his watchful eye promises to provide relevant, progressive, and age appropriate training to students to enable them to become true sportsman.As a father, he recognises that the children today are evolving in an environment that is different and fast paced.
With pressures of academic performance and lack of facilities to allow them the freedom to play, ACE, therefore, provides ‘smart’ solutions with limited time and space and enables the passion to be honed.ACE is Ajit’s desire to provide the right training, the right guidance to parents and students, the right path and mentoring so that children have a well structured and directed approach to sport development.
ACE is about personalisation and individualisation and this unique feature will give parents the confidence and more importantly, students the opportunity to express themselves freely and learn in a manner that they enjoy.ACE is simply not about the sport alone, it is about exposing children to a world of opportunities.

What does the Founder says

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Our Partners


ACE will partner schools that have infrastructure and vision to create sportsmen within the school framework and through their after school programs.

ACE is also keen to partner with real estate communities or clubs with existing infrastructure.

We partner with companies to bring clarity to their brand


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