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Hot Temper, Cool Parenting


Early childhood care and education: Why teacher training is important


SchoolWizard and Agarkar Centre of Excellence partner to revolutionize early education

SchoolWizard, a scientific mobile application designed to facilitate gauging the aptitude of students has partnered with Agarkar Centre of Excellence (ACE), a first of its kind edu-sports initiative. Read More

SchoolWizard And Agarkar Centre Of Excellence Partner

SchoolWizard, a scientific mobile application designed to facilitate gauging the aptitude of students has partnered with Agarkar Centre of Excellence (ACE), a first of its kind edu-sports initiative. Read More

#MindfulParenting: How to help kids overcome social anxiety during the pandemic

The pandemic has been unprecedently daunting for the kids, who are not only facing heightened risks of illness but have had to adapt to newer means of living- from online schooling, virtual playdates to what not. Read More


#MindfulParenting: Managing parental anxiety during the pandemic

From online classes, work from home stress to keeping kids safe, parenting during the pandemic can be challenging.The fear and uncertainity associated with being at home and navigating the new normal can also make it difficult for parents to manage duties. Read More

Are You Guilty Of Being A Pushover Or Control Freak Parent? Change, Now!

The question about the type of parenting asked focuses on two extreme ends of a spectrum – pushover and control freak and if we have learned anything from the volatile world in the past year, it is that ‘extremes’ do not work and finding a ‘balance’ is the momentum one needs to strive for. Fatema Agarkar, Educationist and Founder of ACE, talks on how to find that very balance. Read More


Slouching, weak eyes are byproducts of online learning

Online education for learners at all levels is one of the many sweeping changes brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic. According to a new study, in the absence of the physical classroom, over 1 in 5  students took online classes while seated on a bed while 14 per cent sat on the floor for their classes. Read More


Schooling the emotional, social and behavioural health of your children

New Delhi, April 30 (SocialNews.XYZ) While some states and cities in India saw the partial opening of schools for a short period of time prior to the new virus mutations that make the second wave so much more severe, it is a fact that pre-schoolers and those in elementary years, including primary years, continued to operate with their virtual engagements. Read More

How to Avoid Passing your own Anxiety to your child

On anxiety and other- Parenting comes with its own set of trials and tribulations. And the pandemic appears to have brought out the ‘worst-case’ scenarios for some in terms of their relationships with their children. Read More


Clothes maketh the swing: What golf enthusiasts wear when they hit the course

The big talking point in the world of golf recently came from the World Golf Championship in Florida, where leading golfers, including Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood and Tony Finau, all decked up in Tiger Woods’s signature red-and-black colours while taking to the course.Read More


Fatema Agarkar talks to The Sunday Guardian about the Agarkar Centre of Excellence (ACE), an initiative she started with her husband Ajit Agarkar, and how career in sports has an investable future. Read More


Bombay Bol: Fatema Agarkar, explains

A katta is essentially any place that you can ‘plonk’ down at, with a clear view of everything happening in and around that area – be it Sydenham College’s corridors, the Marine Drive promenade, or Shivaji Park. Read More

AIGF Strengthens Team by Onboarding 3 Gaming Experts to Advisory Panel

Online gaming is on an all-time high in India, and with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing about an unprecedented spike in online gaming traffic, the sector is on a fast-growth trajectory. Read More

Economic Times: Moderation is key: Online gaming can improve cognitive skill, decision-making

The gaming industry is often derided by anxious parents, but a recent study shows that participating in virtual games – both video and online – could help children perform better in the classroom. Read more 

Hindustan Times: Work hard, play hard at new-age internships

Orientation programmes are now using dance workouts, games and quizzes to help break the ice, make the workplace less intimidating for students. Read More


Intertwining modern methods of Learning, Teaching and Customizing Education

“The journey has ensured that I have evolved as a person, as an entrepreneur and developed expertise that comes with hands-on experience and learning it on the job”. Read More

How to spot and encourage your child’s talents

Everything must happen age-appropriately. Jumping the line will never lead to the kind of success that measured and timely participation will. Read More

Entrepreneur: How Entrepreneurs are Bridging the Gap in the Educational Space

As an entrepreneur, by the virtue of taking the unconventional path and creating a disruption and identifying a ‘gap’ in the market, makes a difference as you have to be in that niche space, and offer solutions that have the foresight and path breaking. Read More

Sakal Times: Giving An Edge To Education

With a Masters in Business Administration under her belt, Fatima Agarkar also did her B.Ed and Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). She worked in corporate firms and then went on to develop three premiere K-12 national and international schools in Mumbai. Read More

Women Planet: Grades Simply Cannot Define Every Child’s Success

As 22nd-century education discussions progress, there is increasing awareness for students being nurtured to be life-ready and not simply acing the examinations that define their learning story in schools or universities. Read More

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